Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fine. Call It A Reboot. But For Reasons Unbeknownst, Don't Call It A Comeback.

I took a lot of 2015 re-evaluating exactly what I wanted this Blog to be, and figuring out what I would want it to focus on. I originally enjoyed the idea that it was going to be a scattered blog about whatever tickled my fancy, whatever thought I was having at that moment, but I soon arrived at the conclusion that it doesn't do me much good as someone who strives for people and things to have their own identity. And I didn't just want the blog to be a wasteland of miscellaneous thoughts. So what did I want to re-orient and focus my writing on? At least in terms of the Blog, it's still a delightfully broad category, but more mindful of pop culture, nerd culture, things of that ilk. 

For one, I think it's a necessary escapism, both for me and anyone who is willing to read this. The world is just full of depressing stuff, and I, like many others, are bombarded with it constantly. It doesn't mean that I don't want to think about those things, think about what I should be doing to help fix those situations, but I don't need to be invested in it 100% of the time. It's nice and refreshing to turn that critical thinking to something more mindless, more fun. 
Artistic endeavors are unbelievably important too. I guess I shouldn't say 'mindless', but in terms of the world, I know entertainment, pop culture, those things aren't the most important, but that doesn't diminish their goodness. And what a time to be a nerd. I grew up possibly as one of the last generations where 'nerd' was still an exclusively bad thing. But nerds make culture now. Things I never thought would be important and mainstream to others are. 

So what is the Blog going to be about now? TV, music, movies, comics, video games, musicals, wrestling, improv. 
I won't lie, I got lazy and didn't draw the Penguin.
Still stuff that I find interesting, but far less about me, and far more about all the weirdness and coolness that is around us everyday if we just take the time to turn off the bullshit and the noise about what people tell you is important, and instead focus on what we care about. Which, in the grand scheme of things, are rather simple. Simple pleasures of life. 

I've kept some of the relevant older posts from the last couple years. In the coming weeks, some separate pages will be added to archive some of the other stuff I just liked writing. There's also pieces I've been meaning to redo. So that's something. 
If you've visited this page at any time, thanks for that. If this is your first time, check back on Sundays, see what I have in store. If you like it, leave a comment, send me an email, follow along. All I can offer is fun and folly. Join me, won't you?