Saturday, August 9, 2014

Toughest 5 Things

As an extra step, continuing the 5 Things discussion, I put together some more of the most difficult suggestions I've guessed, given, or gotten over the years into a single game of 5 Things.

So yes, I've either guessed these clues, had to give these clues, seen someone give these clues, or gotten these as suggestions while reffing. Only two of them I modified from other suggestions (those are in italics), and only one of them is one that's been talked about but never actually performed (that's underlined).

Following our rules of ordering the 5 Things, they're also presented in the order we'd perform them in the game. 

Again, like I said to the team in rehearsal, none of these are impossible. They are very, very intricate, and will require a lot of process, but they are not ungettable. I personally don't find anything entertaining in a completely impossible 5 Things. You want to see the struggle, and then you want to see the ultimate payoff. A 5 Things that is ungettable, and we never get to see any sort of triumph is just disheartening for everyone.

How would you get someone to guess these clues?

1.) Syncing an iPod to a Computer
          iPod = Megalodon
          Computer = H.G. Wells' Time Machine

2.) Voting a Bill into Law
          Congress = (House of Representatives) Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders
                             (Senate)  The Argonauts
          When = Height of the Ottoman Empire

3.) Going on the Oregon Trail 
           Wagon = Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machine
           Hunting What = All the Star Signs of the Zodiac

4.) Hoarding
            Hoarding What = Regret
            The guesser = Speaks in tongues 

5.) Crashing a Party
            Whose Party Was It – John Phillips Sousa
            Where Is the Party Held – On a Peninsula